Wrap-Front Playsuit: Patrones 315, romper 31

PlaysuitNot a huge amount to say here. Love this playsuit. I’ve incorporated popper buttons (press studs? Snaps!) along the seam that runs from the inner left hem to the inner right hem. So it’s all cool. I’ve only worn it out once though. Over a bikini. So in that sense it is a bit of a blooper.

PlaysuitI won’t shorten it as much next time. Probably a good idea to modify the wrap front wrap drape as well. The actual garment has two little open-ended tucks at the shoulders that the pattern and the line diagram are missing.

PlaysuitI made the illustrations using Pebeo seta scrib markers. Similar to what I did here (but done months earlier. I made this romper and then winter arrived so there really hasn’t been an opportunity to wear it). Tutorial here.

Patrones 315 jumpsuit 31

Pattern: Patrones 315,  Playsuit 31

Fabric: Outer-some sort of poly-cotton nightmare that wrinkles like crazy but has a really cute embossed net pattern on it. Lining-cotton voile.


  • Shortened the top by 2cm (although 1.75 cm would have sufficed).
  • Cut the sleeves with selvedge ‘hems’
  • Added press studs snaps/poppers along the ‘A seam’ from inner left hem to inner right hem
  • Lined the shorts portion with cotton voile.

Cotton tights by Marilyn.

Disclaimer: All non-self-generated images remain copyright of their owners and are used here for purposes of discussion and review.

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35 thoughts on “Wrap-Front Playsuit: Patrones 315, romper 31

  1. What a fun,whimsical little jumpsuit! Though in the U.S., we call “poppers” snaps. Studs are decorative here. We don’t have different names for sew-on snaps or hammer-on snaps, they are all called snaps. “Poppers” is so onomatopoeic. I love it. :)

  2. That looks a real fun garment. I love your artwork on it too. I have noticed, on more than one occasion, that the garment shown and the pattern provided by Patrones don’t exactly match. Fine if you do a bit of pattern cutting but frustrating if you can’t.

  3. Love it too! So it is a bit “revealing” on the cleavage part, but it is not in very overtly sexy way, more like a fun, cute way. I´d wear it, no doubt!

  4. That is brilliant to add snaps to the inseam! I’m more inclined to make one if I can go to the toilet in it wiout having to get completely undressed.
    Plus I love the drawing you did on the fabric. You are very talented!

  5. That popper/snap idea for the inseam is revolutionary! (at least to me) as I’ve always wondered how you would manage a romper. The hand illustration is fabulous yet again- epic summer win here!

  6. Totally nailed this- AMAZING. Love how you keep the style simple and jazz it up with some funky botanics. Hope this beauty gets a better run this summer!

  7. Patrones have put out so many romper patterns that I am glad to see that someone has sewn one up! All 70’s glamour! Only you could pull this off!

  8. A gorgeous creation, and I’m so glad you’ve had the chance to utilise your drawing skills again! Your botanical additions (and the rust tights) give so much to this. It suits :)

  9. So creative! I just love your illustrations so much. I have designer envy. Do you look at floral images when you draw?
    I will have to check out the tutorial.

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