Knip-tastic: Refashioned Denim Mini-Skirt

Knipmode February 2009, Skirt 3What my hair looks like after 20 minutes in a motorcycle helmet. Denim from an old pair of men’s jeans. Belt carriers, original.

Knipmode February 2009, Skirt 3After 20 minutes on the scooter. I should’ve left the pockets off but they’re functional and I like that.

This next one’s gonna be a bit of a shocker.

When the necklines’ so low you need to string a dead animal around your neck to appear ‘decent’ in public.

When the only images of the garment are on a dummy, or worse, on an invisible dummy.

When leaning forward is no longer a socially acceptable option.

Accept that the finished garment will PG-13 on regular humans.

Knipmode February 2009, Skirt 3No I can’t iron it. The iron does bad things to it even on a low setting. Also, I know I look like a debt collector. From the Sopranos

I love this pattern and I really love the mesh-backed sports knit that calicostretch sent me way back in September, 2012 (I made this months ago but it’s been way to warm to wear it.) but I definitely need to do something about that neckline before I make the dress version. I’ve used the top for yoga and silks practice with Emily.

Knipmode February 2009, Skirt 3The contrast pockets looked cute when I sewed them in but they’re totally useless for co-ordinating the skirt with anything in a useful manner. But this has already been discussed in detail.

Previously on denim jeans refashioning.

Top Pattern: Knipmode September 2012 Top/Dress 27/28 (I’ve made the top but the dress version is pretty much straight down from the hem on the top-i.e. no tapering from the hips on down).

Fabric: Sports knit from

Modifications: Shortened it at the waist.

Skirt Pattern:Knipmode February 2009, Skirt 3

Fabric: Denim harvested from Carl’s old jeans (I used the original belt loops as is), Robert Kaufman Kitschy Kitchen remnant for the pockets, hammered hot pink silk lining (it’s silk, it’s invisible, ’nuff said), cotton remnant for inner waistband.

Modifications: None. Though I’ll shorten it next time because the tapered hem interferes with my stride and my ability to get off my scooter and park it while simultaneously defying gravity.

Knipmode 02/2009 and 08/2012 denim miniskirt and pleated topGreige. I feel cheated. As if I’d been tricked into reading a ‘women’s interest‘ rag. Carl tricked me into reading the Daily Maul yesterday. This feels worse-possibly due to the fact that it works in both English and Dutch. My spirit rebels.

Disclaimer: All non-self-generated images remain copyright of their original owners and are used here for the purposes of discussion, illustration and humour.

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30 thoughts on “Knip-tastic: Refashioned Denim Mini-Skirt

  1. I love the denim skirt – really cute. Yowsa, that neckline really could be indecent! Could you get away with just making bigger tucks to close it up a bit? It is a nice style so worth getting right :)

  2. The skirt is fantastic! And I´m so sorry about the top, but worn like that, with a tank top is not so bad. You are so smart I know the dress version is going to be stunning!

  3. Love the lines on the skirt. Yeah know what you mean about the contrast pockets. Been there, done that.
    I really like the top styled with the top underneath. Is that an option for the dress?

    • Thanks Elle, I was thinking about whether it would be doable to have a fake underlayer (i.e. trace the lines of the inner top and sew it on like a bib-good for using up contrast remnants but it just seems like too much tittin’ about and I have other jersey patterns I want to sew up so I might just drop the dress idea. Or re-jig the neckline upwards into decency =).

      • Of course you know I am going to like the fake under layer idea ;-)
        I get your sentiments though. Too many patterns,too much fabric, too little time to sew.

  4. This colour is great on you. I like a layered look anyway, but I am constantly duped by inaccurate illustrations/photographs. It’s like some kind of observation test I am doomed to fail. So you are not alone! Anyway, I am always looking out for refashion inspiration so my eyes lit up when I saw your new skirt :) When I tried to make a skirt out of thick denim though my machine threw a massive fit, I was using topstitching thread which was really thick (with a denim needle). Your denim looks quite thick, did you use special topstitching thread and if so was it OK with your machine?

    • Thanks Philippa- I sewed it up with regular thread and a slightly heavier sharp needle (80 sharp) and then did the topstitching with the thicker, all purpose poly thread (rather than topstitching thread). It stands out (although not as much as regular topstitching thread) but no issues with breakage/jams.

  5. Patched pockets – AMEN! Demin skirt – Bravo! I like the wide waistband and how it elongates natural curves! In general, this pattern is very, very, very unique! Love it! “Can you copy this pattern and send me!? I will pay” hihihi (Sorry, I am hysterical after the yesterday’s typhoon and a long sleepless night).

    I would not worry too much about the neckline! This top can be your wearable muslin and you’ll be more than able to rise the neckline which you’ve already decided. The neckline may also look different in different fabric. Or maybe the whole Knipmode is a conspiracy!

  6. The skirt design is great and there’s always that balance between design and function that makes sewing a bit of a challenge. That shocker top is a layer of colour :)

  7. Nothing better than a great denim skirt – I love this. I love the red of that top – it has a “I’m off to dance class” vibe!
    BTW – love your tights.

  8. You look great in the skirt – that`s you ! Yeah … the neckline of shirt … is really big. I would apply an neckband …
    I’m not travelling with the orient express … but it is an interresting imagination ;-)

  9. It’s a great skirt! I’m sure it could be shortened a tad for practicality purposes? Love the reuse of the denim though – distressed denim is the reason why I can’t be bothered trying to sew jeans. I like those little details, they add so much to a piece. Great back pockets too :)

  10. I like this denim skirt, never thought that contrast pockets are useless but when you mention it… They really are.
    The top isn’t that bad, I kind of like the pattern although neckline is unruly.

  11. You are so creative! I love how you used an old pair of jeans to make this!! It looks amazing with the PG-13 top.
    That back with the intertwined straps is really cool!

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