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Paperbag Ensemble Dress,  Favourite Frills Skirt, and Celebrate Summer dress
Paperbag Ensemble Dress, Favourite Frills Skirt, and Celebrate Summer dress

Found a pretty awesome site with some really intricate and elegant patterns available for free download (you need to register to be able to download patterns but it doesn’t take long and the patterns are definitely worth it). Its called Your Style Rocks and it runs on a pretty interesting concept: they have a monthly design contest where you design a garment inspired by a topic they set. The community then votes on all the designs and the winner gets their a professional multi-sized pattern drafted and published (by the people running the website) and made available for free download on They also have forums and discussion areas and from I can tell the people running the site seem super nice and helpful. The people running the site and drafting the patterns are German which I think is awesome because I really like German garment design and patterns (Schnittvision Couture shout out!)  and english language instructions are always a bonus in my book. My favourite among their patterns is the Everywhere Tails vest/ wrap/ tunic and the Celebrate Summer dress (the red dress in the image above). Having an awesome affordable large format printing copy shop nearby means I’d make them both NOW (without the pain and suffering of printing and pasting buggeredly A4s) if I could figure out how to petite the former. Oh well another item for the procrastination to do list 😉 The best thing about these guys? Every pattern is available in size 34 (hint-hint-nudge-nudge burdastyle and burdafashion!).

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