Style Clone: Edith Keeler, 1930s style icon

From Star Trek-The City on the Edge of Forever.

Hilarious review here.

Following a series of overwrought shenanigans, three crew members of the Starship Enterprise end up on 1930s earth and meet Edith Keeler (Joan Collins, ’nuff said), compassionate sartorialist and “hobo-helper” extraordinaire.*

This is the ‘best of’ her limited (to 50 minutes) wardobe:

Edith in her many guises
The multi-tasking outfits of Edith Keeler (Star Trek Universe version 1.0).

Despite this episode being set in 1930s earth, the clothes look like – well, 60s does the 30s (which is exactly what they are, the episode was released in 1967). The only reason I have a picture up there with Kirk-bear in it is because of the hilarious ‘depression-mod’ blazer he has on.  Doc looks mighty flabbergasted in the last frame-“Why Edith, here I was thinking you had on a pussy bow blouse and you turn around and .. its a V-neck…I’m speechless! What do mean ‘Stop that’? I’m delirious, I can do as I please!”

Happily there’s a behind-the-scenes still showing the back collar of that sailor blouse.

From soup kitchen to fund-raising dinner the Edith sailor blouse does it all
From soup kitchen to fund-raiser – the Edith sailor blouse handles it in style!

And now, onto the mains: these are the patterns you can use to liberate your inner Edith.

Patterns for reproducing Edith Keeler's 60s does the 30s style
You too can attract starship captains from the future. Just remember to look both ways before you cross the street*

A) Over-blouse/ pullover blouse pattern E  from the book おしゃれはシネマから―お手本はシネマファッション Fashion from Cinema by Tomoko Matsuo. ISBN 9784579111350.

B) Cape pattern 112 from Burda 08/2009.

C) and D) Pinafore/ house dress page 24 Pattern C from ソーイングナチュリラ vol.2 Spring&Summer (ナチュリラ別冊) Sewing Naturilla (aka Sewing Naturally/ Naturali/Naturella) Vol. 2 Spring & Summer ISBN 9784391627978.

E) Crochet flapper hat with brim and button-on bloom (pdf pattern) from Sahrandipities. Sarah also hand-makes custom crocheted wares so you could potentially request an Edith-style hat.

F) Dress 10 (L’Altra Moda) from Patrones 222 (I can’t find a good source for this magazine at the moment but I’m working on it).

G) Cape 111B from Burda World of Fashion 08/2007

H) 1920s retro cloche hat pattern 101 from the Learn to Sew line at Sew Chic Patterns.

*Non-spoiler-The Kirkster falls in love** with her.

**Love, as far as the Kirkster is concerned, equals ‘I feel a stirring (in my nether regions)’. That’s right. I am unimpressed by J.T. Do not argue with me over this, I shall crush you with my superior wit and scathing sarcasm. You will be reduced to a gently sobbing puddle of emotion that shuns all things Kirk-like forevermore. I must admit though, I do enjoy poking fun at the man. In that sense, he is hugely entertaining (Shatner, on the other hand, is a frikkin’ legend. He doesn’t need a limo, he just flies everywhere like Superman).

Do you have any pattern recommendations for cloning Edith Keeler style? Link them in the comments section!

All images, as always, are copyright of their respective owners.

Pattern recommendations are based on similarities to Edith Keeler style. 

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