Knipmode Subscriptions and Single Issues- A How To (and Where to)

Since launching my Knipmode giveaway as part of Sew Grateful Week over at My Happy Sewing Place and reviewing Patrones 268 I’ve been inundated with queries about obtaining issues of various sewing magazines. So here’s a primer.

I get my Knipmode issues through a direct subscription from the publishers. I called them up (088-5500250-call between 09.00 – 21.00, Mon-Fri and Sat 10.00 – 14.00 Dutch time) and gave them my credit card and address details over the phone and started receiving the magazine from the next issue onwards. You could do it via email but it will take longer as they seem a bit slow to respond to email queries and I’m not comfortable sending information like that over the internet.

You can buy individual issues online at Craftymamas (just type Knipmode into the search box); the price includes shipping in Australia and Lisa also posts internationally (not sure what that costs). Lisa also sells La Mia Boutique, Ottobre, Patrones and Burda Easy magazines.

SpeedImpex sells subscriptions to La Mia Boutique, Burda, Burda Easy, Burda Plus and  German and Russian Burda in Australia (use the search box). Speedimpex International is still is beta-just email their subscription contact to check on magazine availability in your country.

MagNation sell both Burda and Burda Easy (I’ve only seen the German version in the CBD store in Melbourne) and usually have multiple copies (as well as some back copies on rare occasions). Every single time I’ve been there they’ve claimed to have Patrones and La Mia Boutique issues but I’ve never managed to find one so you might want to request some hands on help from the fat free cupcakes manning (and man it they do, the bearded one is especially cute) the counter.

Apparently you can buy single issues of La Mia Boutique in newsstands in Sydney (presumably these are the newsstands surrounded by trumpeting cherubs and mane-tossing Unicorns).

Other places that sell Knipmode online are which sells Knipmode, Knippie (for ‘kids’-their teen sizes fit me..), La Mia Boutique, Patrones, Patrones ninos (kids), Ottobre Woman (and kids) and Threads magazine. Resew has limited previews on all magazines which is pretty good.

Naaipatronen. nl ( for the English-speaking among us) also seems to sell most of the above magazines (including Burda).

Marlo Fashion  sells La Mia Boutique (and assorted Fashion/ Style magazines and books).

Another way to get your grubby mitts on past issues of all these magazines is ebay. Search for whatever magazine you’re looking for, then set up a saved search by clicking on the “save search” link (use Ctrl+F/ Apple+F to find it if you don’t see it immediately). Ebay will now send you an email as soon as the object of your obsession is listed (by someone who posts to your country). Burda (the German version-like the instructions make any sense in English..) tends to be cheapest on German ebay.  When buying on foreign ebay sites check beforehand with the seller to make sure they actually post to your country and offer a safe method for payment (Google checkout or PayPal or something similar) because international bank transfers are hideously expensive and not covered by ebay’s refund policies. Also keep in mind that returns aren’t usually feasible when buying from abroad.

If you want to browse the current issue of Knipmode there is a limited preview on the website (putting that into Google Translate helps but the links don’t always work on the translated version).

La Mia Boutique used to have a (Flash enabled) full preview of the current issue on their website but they don’t seem to have uploaded once since September 2011; you can still see a set of shots for the most recent magazine if you click on it.

Patrones also have limited shots of the latest issue on the publisher’s website.

Ottobre has full previews and downloadable pdf summaries of line diagrams for all the patterns in every issue they’ve ever published on their website. You can also buy all the back issues as well as subscriptions on the same website. (Discussed in an earlier post here).

Got other sources for obtaining sewing magazines (that don’t involve dodgy dealings in back alleys and waking in a bathtub with no kidneys)? List them in the comments!

*Individual results may vary. Knipmode has no control over how much cake you ate over the weekend.

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