Reviewed- Patrones Extra 268

Patrones Extra 268

Patrones 268

The best summer issue they’ve ever* done. Back from the day when they used to have a sh*tload more patterns than they do now, and everything was labelled with the name of the designer/ brand.

Patrones 268 Pattern Summary

Awesomeness from back in the day.

Stand out patterns in this magazine:

Frida Kahlo Inspired Patterns and Styling
Frida Kahlo-style with added antioxidants (and ferns).

Top No. 2 (easy to make), dress 8 (looks awesome and fairly easy to make but looks like its made for Amazonas <read tall women> so I might leave it).

Best tunic ever. The dress on the other hand, promised more than it could deliver.
Best tunic ever. The dress on the other hand, promised more than it could deliver.

Dress 16 (I made it- the fit is pretty loose and seems to make me look shorter than I am-more on that later) Top 23 (the cover)

Dress 32 (check out the line diagram-this could be a real go-to pattern for a tunic/dress- if you like it and don’t have this magazine go here (its close enough and their sleeve treament might actually make it easier than the Mango version-remember the latter is for stretch/knit fabric version though). I haven’t used any of the StyleArc patterns but they seem to be doing the rounds on various sewing blogs).

Awesome without the frills. Awesome if someone made it for me.
Awesome without all the trims. Awesome if someone else made it for me.

Dress 39 (I’d make it without all the trims..) Coat dress 41 (spectacular but looks like to much trouble to make- i.e. grading then tracing then…). If you were looking to browse the magazine before bidding for it on ebay, then I hope this has helped. Just hope your bidding enemies haven’t seen it too.

This magazine has also been reviewed here.

*Based on what I’ve seen thus far.

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