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Theme: Wardrobe Essentials

My design submission for the February, 2012 contest (if you haven’t heard of these guys I’ve reviewed them here).

I used templates models (free pdf downloads from the Fashionary) to base my croquis on. All figures were drawn in 0.5 HB lead inked with a 0.3 Sharpie pen and coloured with Staedtler Aquarelle watercolour pencils (Windsor and Newton Cotman brush, size 0).

I designed three different styles:

  • A big wool tunic (swatch modified from the Magnum Poncho pattern, Yarn Forward magazine issue 31, December 2010)
  • A knitwear cardigan (swatches from cotton knit remnants in my stash) and
  • Easy fitting ‘Sail’ pants (swatch from grey silk suiting fabric)
Wardrobe Essentials contest submission dress, cardigan and pants

The kind of torso to leg ratio I'd like to have

The tunic/ dress is just something I would love to wear in winter; if I could knit had a knitting machine I would have made it by now. The cardigan is probably the best submission for this contest as it easily qualifies as an essential (I wear long cardigans and wraps all the time) and is designed to be pieced together from remnants and scraps. The pants, *sigh* the pants… I’ve been thinking about (read: fixated on) making pants like these for ages and it would be awesome to win this contest and have the pattern made up for me. For me, these are a wardrobe essential, I’d have them made up and wear them all the time (I even have the fabric ready…I know– I said I’d been thinking about them for a while didn’t I?). In my mind, when walking, the sails have a slight air-resistance to them, making them hang back from the rest of the leg and pulling the rest of the pant leg back, keeping everything cool. Très futuristic, non? They’ll certainly keep my legs cool when riding my scooter.

My entry is here if you’d like to vote for me.

Submission for Wardrobe essentials: Sail Pants

Sail pants: The pants your pants aspire towards

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