Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Fans of period drama* take note, murder is the air.

Phryne Fisher

Yes it's a fur duvet (hardcore 1928 home furnishings are not for the faint of heart)

Boardwalk EmpireDownton AbbeyHell on Wheels**, MadMen,  and Game of Thrones (the last two will be back in March and April 2012 respectively) may be on season hiatus, but there’s something saucy and gorgeously costumed (Hercule Poirot eat your heart out) to fixate on in the meantime.
Feast your eyes on Phryne Fisher, 1920s Melbourne’s mystery-solving-social-champion-style-icon extraordinaire.
Murder, mystery and extreme flouncing 1928-Melbourne style.

Murder, mystery and extreme flouncing 1928-Melbourne style.

Oh DI Jack let me rest my cheek against those perfectly notched lapels you well-tailored-DI-muffin you.
Multi-ethnic romance! Oh be still, my steam-powered metronome***.
The Pilot drops on Friday the 24th of February, 2012 (AEST), ABC1. Yes. It sucks not to be in Australia right now. I feel your pain (not really, but pointing and laughing would be redundant at this stage).
UPDATE: The premiere is actually a ‘World Premiere’ (so sayeth ABC1’s advert for the show in the Age’s Sunday Life Magazine. I’ve written to ABC about International viewing times and dates, fingers crossed for a useful response before the 24th).

I feel a Style Clone session coming on.

*The TV kind.

** Don’t knock it. There are enough good looking people in period clothing in that series for it to qualify. The only way it could get any better is if they toned down the gore and introduced aliens.

*** Heart.

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