Miscellaneous Chit-Chat

So I’ve covered (some) sewing and design on this blog but have been a bit remiss on the illustration front so far. That gets fixed today. Feast your eyes on Fashionary’s list of 30 Fashion Illustrators you can’t miss. Then go here and here for more of the same. Fashionary are the people behind the product of the same name. I used their free downloadable pdf design templates to build croquis for my yourstylerocks contest submission and strongly recommend that you check out their blog for an awesome design inspiration session (read: non-work procrastination time).

Satiko + Isabel

Satiko +Isabel (Brazil)

They also do interviews with a lot of young, indie designers and I found some interesting (and heretofore unknown to me) designers through there like Satiko+Isabel  and Sandra Backlund (there is hope for my big knit dress now). I like how global their design focus is – they cover a lot of Australian, New Zealand and Southern Hemisphere-based designers that don’t normally get much mainstream coverage.


Japanese fabrics and trim

Someone just got back from Japan...

So I’ll be doing special posts on shopping in Japan (for sewists) next.

Stay tuned.

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