Thursday Eye Candy

Thursday, that strange space between the middle of the week and oh cuss its almost the weekend and I still haven’t gotten around to (fill in chore-nemesis here) yet. Well, be not afraid, Thursday Eye Candy will succour your eye drums.

Summer on the brain. In watercolour.

Summer by Ekaterina Koroleva and Miriam Schmalen

I love their use of illustrated water colour components and photography. Not to mention, the incorporation of paper into the image.

Speaking of paper, how cool are these paper dresses by Lia Griffith of Papier Couture?

Gowns made of paper

These look inspired by the seasons as well..

Aaaand back in illustration, Taurus by Ryan Tandya.


Grabbing the bull by the horns - in style

Through the winter by Svetlana Ihsanova

Through the winter

Illustration + fabric imagery = Epic win

An untitled editorial illustration by Denise van Leeuwen and Edson Williams

Yes bunnies be doing it through February

Yeeeea .. that week's booked out unfortunately..

And finally, Last (but not least)* of the Empire by Tomaas

Last of the Empire by Tomaas

"You spent the week's rent on what?!"

 “A shoe darling. A 2012 John Fluevog to be precise. Hush now. People who live in gold harem pants should not throw stones”. 

* my words

All illustrations utilised under creative commons attribution. All images remain copyright of their respective owners.

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