Reviewed – La Mia Boutique 12/2011

Almost a week since my last post – I really wanted to post earlier but then this arrived.

La Mia Boutique 12-2011

La Mia Boutique 12/2011

And this.

Pattern Cutting by Dennic Chunman Lo

I made one of these by accident the other day...

And these.

A different kind of foot fetish

Yes it has been a difficult week – so many new toys, so little time. So I’ll start with the La Mia Boutique. I’d pre-paid for the October, 2011 issue and since that somehow sold out anyway (no worries, I managed to snap up a copy from craftymamas) I told the SpeedImpex guys to send me the December issue when it turned up (yes it actually takes 2 months for ‘current’ magazine issues to hit Australia -Burdastyle takes 3 months-obviously the real world does not function at internet speeds.

And… on with the review. Stand out styles for December include a cool looking V-neck long coat (although all that front exposure is going to put your headlights on high beam even before you take it off), a cute little 60s style mini-dress in two options (with or without the front buttoned panel), a little strapless mini-dress in natural/ empire waist variations, pants that looked interesting on the model and freaky in the line diagram and a cool little leather jacket.

Probably the one pattern I'll be making from this issue


There’s an Audrey-Hepburn inspired (the designer obviously heard of Audrey once during a near-death experience) section which looks nothing like classic Audrey style and probably has the poor woman (‘s remains) spinning in her grave*. So I’ll save your eyeballs and leave it out. Pretty cool little-girl section (of patterns, not a transverse section-hohoho) this time, the grey-dress is particularly cute and would make an awesome winter tunic for adults too minus the hideous applique of pink stuff exploding out of Barbie’s ears (its her brain. And no, she won’t miss it). The little bolero is pretty cute too and appears to be made out of sweatshirting.

Annual quota of cute kid photos - full

Looks like next month’s feature is a Son’s of Anarchy inspired children’s section – which I am anticipating with bated breath (not).

And before you know it they're having dramatic fist-fights of max-treme justice..

Another review of this issue here. Line diagrams of all patterns here and more information on obtaining LMB issues here and here.

Coming up next – the Knipmode Giveaway winner!

*I typed ‘where is Audrey Hepburn’ into Google and it auto-completed with ‘buried’. Why is this the top search? Why are people looking this up to the point where it is the top search term? Hasn’t she been dead for decades Err.. she died in 1993-can’t believe I was around and had no clue.

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