Knipmode Giveaway Winner Announced

Knipmode Giveaway

Hear ye, hear ye, the time has come to announce the winner of the Knipmode Giveaway!  And the winner is- bup ba ra bup bup ba: paisleyapron. Awaken fair seamstress, your Knipmode awaits. Also, a carpet with a massive snail on it – no wait, that’s a fish..

Awaken, and claim your prize! Also, put a shrimp sea monster on the barbie while you’re at it.

Send me your address details please so I can send you your Knipmode (sans fish – Australian post prohibits the transfer of live organisms or portions thereof). If no response is received this entry will be held null and void and another commenter chosen by the master computer.

Stay tuned for the March giveaway. Details coming up.

A woman's lot in 1935
The average woman’s lot in 1935 Queensland.

Mommy, mommy are you entering the March giveaway? 

No darling I’m busy grading your dad’s pants down to your size.

But I said I wanted a skirt.

And I wanted a tertiary education. Life is tough. 

Now go get the sherry its almost nap time.

Images used under a creative commons attributions license from seriykotik and the State Library of Queensland’s newspaper collection (respectively) on Flickr.

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