Thursday Eye Candy

Thursday, that strange space between the middle of the week and oh cuss its almost the weekend and I still haven’t gotten around to (fill in chore-nemesis here) yet. Well, be not afraid, Thursday Eye Candy will succour your eye drums.

Singer Sewing Machine by Nick Agin.

I had to start with this one. This is a sewing blog (sometimes).

I know what you’re thinking, a left handed vintage sewing machine! Now I’ve seen it all!/ My wildest dreams have come true!/ All my Christmases have combined!/ I can die in peace!/ Flounce!/ Faint dead away! etc. Well, don’t thank me. Thank this guy.

Fantastic Voyage by Slinkachu from the Little People Project. Pure awesomeness.

Even if I somehow managed to find this one - how on earth do you take a puddle home? Not to mention the shoe would be a total crazy-people-magnet on the tram-ride home...

This artist sets up elaborate dioramas using miniature people (from train sets) which he then photographs and abandons in different cities around the world. His aim is to make city dwellers more observant of their environment. I’ll be keeping an eye out when he gets to Melbourne- given the size of the miniatures though, I expect it’ll be like finding a needle in … a really large, slightly dirty city.

Moving on..Inanimate objects on drugs (the good kind). Disney has nothing on this guy. Eye-popping colours set in some random universe where everything is interesting. Check out his photography section too-its like being 3 again…

Like having a giant robot for a friend.. A giant robot with nut-cracking powers..

The Nutcracker and his friend by Robert Romanowicz


Menagerie Day Parade by Daria Tessler

Occupy Evolves. Anti-pepper spray masks, check. Big-fat-policeman-deterrent props, check. Paintball-gun sniper on the roof, check.

Whimsical, highly detailed, almost poetic illustrations. There’s a dinosaur city (and tigers and bears and what look like escapees from medieval manuscripts). Go see it.

And finally, Haute Couture by Adi Nugroho 

Yes. It's exactly like getting punched in the face with couture.

Stray observations-the one on the left would make the most perfect wedding dress ever. Now all I need to do is get 6 inches taller and – oh yea – make the dress. Ok scratch that last part.

All images used with permission from artists/ under attribution no derivatives. All images remain copyright of their respective owners.

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