Reviewed: Stitched by You – Volume 3 issue 1, 2012

Because it’s not cool if others like it know about it.

Stitched by you magazine 2012

You do realise you're volunteering for sweatshop labour? "Oh its ok I haven't started school yet so I've heaps of time!"

Initial reaction: What? How has this been around for 3 years without my noticing? Why do their line diagrams look exactly like Knipmode’s? Why are the little-girl patterns so much cooler than the lady patterns? I’m a little shitty about the fact that their little-girl range does not extend to the sizes covered by Knippie (the largest size in the Knippie range fits me and is better sized for my height than Knipmode patterns tend to be) and most of the little girl patterns in this magazine seem nicer than the ladies range.

Stitched by you magazine

The little girl section also has better stylists (I beg you ladies and gentlemen of the jury, to consider the shoes of the two individuals- one pair has obviously been teleported from the hobo-era and is held together by twine).

The lowdown – Stitched by you pattern magazine is published by Sanoma (the same people that publish Knipmode) and includes patterns for women and little girls with instructions in German and Dutch. The sizing is the same as that in Knipmode (the girls’ sizing range is unfortunately, not as expansive). The focus of the magazine seems similar to Knipmode special issues – they’re highlighting special fabrics and it works, not only am I coveting the fabrics, seeing the same pattern in a range of fabrics can totally change your impression of it.

Stitched by you magazine

This dress looks similar to recent Knipmode patterns but seems to be styled better here

Personal favourites: Trouser pattern no. 7 (perfect for basic jeans/ leather pants-cue sexy jazz music) and pretty much all of the little girls’ tunic patterns *sigh*

Stitched by you magazine

Same dress, different fabric. I really like these pants and the top.

Conclusions: it’s cheaper than Knipmode and at € 2.95 for 14 patterns (7 each for the ladies and the ladies-to-be) it’s a bargain – get it!

Asides- I also picked up the MyImage Winter 2011/2012 issue but there’s a full preview available online so I’m not going to review it here. Ooh, MyImage’ve launched ImageWear patterns (envelope patterns € 5.95) and are having a 3 for 2/ €1 discount on each. The patterns look pretty cool but they don’t cover my size (i.e. they all start at Eu size 36 so I’ll give it a miss for now).

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