The Liebster Award + Red Dot Design Award Accessory

Liebster is German for loved or a favourite of.

Liebster award

This is your mission should you choose to accept it.

Thank you kaitui_kiwi and Calico Stretch for nominating me.

The five blogs I would like to nominate are:

Peppi Poulain – modern, minimalist style, sewing and illustration in Finnish + English.

Photography + craft (no idea where this lady is but there are dogs there) – Amaryllislog.

Sewing, craft, heaps of tutorials – Madame Choup. Check out her awesome aprons here (its all in French so paste the URL into Google Translate or use Google Chrome as your browser –  it automagically translates pages as they load!).

Natalie’s Sketchbook. Textile designer Natalie Ryan’s blog. I like Natalie’s botanical illustrations of native Australian flora and her vignettes on various textile prints.

LCA my opinion by Neil Hart. Neil is a member of the Lutheran Church of Australia and a strident humanitarian. As an agnostic I must confess that Neil is the first truly secular, egalitarian, and humanetheist I have come across during my time in Australia.  His pro-equality, sex-positive prose is a sincere call to arms for all supporters of equality, dignity and self-worth (he’s fairly successful at drawing bigots into the discussion as well).

Aaand we’re back to your regularly scheduled sewing excitement.

This is not a sex toy.

It just looks and feels like one. So much so that it won a Red Dot Design Award.

The marketing sales pitch on the  ‘hand-feel of its ‘‘soft-touch exterior’ had me in giggles.

Carl:  “I wonder how many of these the emergency room guys have had to extract from various [people’s] orifices”.

It is very small. And handy for storing my fine glass headed pins. Small needles, however, can get stuck in the inner grooves and interfere with the smooth functioning of the twisting mechanism.  Yesterday, I had this open on my desk and I dropped it. Not one pin spilled out. This as opposed to the last needle storer dropping incident, which ended with a 4.5 cm pin embedded halfway into my heel and Carl shouting “owowowowowowouch do you need me to pull that out?!” from across the room.

It does have great ‘hand feel’.

I’m liking it.

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