The one cool thing, one strange thing swap

Looking at my stash of sewing goods I can see a couple of things which I’m not going to be using in the near future (or in some cases, ever). This may be because they are extras of things I already have, or because I’ve already made something similar enough to give them a miss or because my design aesthetic has changed since buying them. It would be awesome to swap these for things I can use.

Which brings me to, the one cool thing, one strange thing swap (loud, 70s sci-fi echo-y galactic announcement voice).

I only have strange things. That's cool.

I only have strange things. That’s cool.

It works like this: I will pick one cool thing from my stash (a thing I loved when I bought it and that I still have feelings for *sniff* but) that I’m not likely to use. To this, I will add one strange thing from my stash, a thing which I obviously loved enough to buy, but can no longer remember why. These two things I will send (with or without accoutrements) to one sewist(a) who will use them (extra points for using both things together) to make a new thing and document the process online. If I can afford the postage I will send extras (these will most likely be outright weird things).

Also, there’s a button. Or two.

Are you interested in doing the one cool thing one strange thing swap? Then read on.


Both of these things are strange. Also, they are not sewing things.

  • Crappy things not allowed.
  • Entries will be accepted until March 31st, 2012 and a list of interested swap contributors drawn up.
  • Each swap contributor will send one cool thing and one strange thing to their nominated swap partner within a month.
  • I will send an extra cool/strange thing combo to three extra people (randomly drawn) from the list (pretty much immediately).
  • If you have more than one cool/strange thing you’d like to send let me know and I’ll see what I can do about pairing you with others interested in doing the same.
  • You’re free to add other (nice) things to your contribution if you like.

Alriiiiight! I’m gonna sit with the cool kids!

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