Why I started blogging

And, a one cool thing, one strange thing swap update.

I was discussing this with Carl last night and he thought it might be a good idea to actually mention it here. So here’s why I started blogging. I want to sew socially. I want to meet up with and hang out with people that like to sew. I want to talk patterns, pattern magazines, pattern drafting and fabrics with real live human beings and I see blogging as the first step in reaching out to the wider community. I had a few (largely unsuccessful) attempts last year with meetups.com (a site where people form groups with common interests and then get together to pursue those interests) where I ran a pattern drafting group (but I’m still thinking about a fabric/ patterns/ notions swap group this year so if you’re in Melbourne/ thinking about visiting drop me a line!). I wanted to share all sorts of cool things with the sewing community and doing it online seemed to me a good way to reach out and poke someone (mission accomplished, some cool people have poked back – some of them may even be real).

Image © Benedikt Renc.

One of these guys is dating a sewist (the other two sew for themselves, obviously).

The one cool thing, one strange thing swap is the first in an ongoing series of interactive exchanges that I hope will bring together like-minded sewist(a)s from around the world in positive way, embracing everyone’s skills and abilities and fostering a shared sense of community (how awesome is it going to be to blog about the strange things?). Its the closest thing I can think of to having a fun bunch of friends that like to sew and can geek out about everything sewing related and, make together.

Image © A Decent Idea

Stash-busting with the cool and strange.

I mean, if I had a dining table you guys would be sitting around it right now, sewing machines to the fore and a glass of wine in hand (elegant side tables with extremely boozy baked treats not withstanding) nattering on about Burdastyle vs Knipmode or the German vs the Japanese style of pattern drafting or why the remnant table at Tessutti’s was full of ninety dollar silk and eighty dollar wool pieces this weekend (what is with that? It’s not a remnant if it’s not a bargain!). Not to mention, getting surprises in the mail? Priceless, like washable silk charmeuse. So what do you think? Do you like to sew socially, whether over the inter-mu-nets or in real life? Or is sewing a purely private pastime that allows you to introspect and recover from the hurly burly of life?

Image © Kiss My Flash

Can't believe you winos forgot the powerboard again. How the *&$K are we supposed to sew with one power outlet? Our machines run on steam *giggle* Eugh.. moustaches on sticks are so 2010..

Oh and before I forget, if you’re preparing to sign up for the one cool thing, one strange thing swap (always read that in a loud, echo-y, B-grade seventies science-fiction-thriller voice, even if its just in your head) don’t forget to download the button(s) and put them up in your sidebar. The code is here if you need it:

<a href=”https://theperfectnose.wordpress.com/2012/03/19/the-one-cool-thing-one-strange-thing-swap/”> <img src=”*”> </a>

Save the button (right click and click save as) and upload it to your blog. Copy its URL. Then paste the code above into your side bar and replace the * with the URL of the button and you’re done.

WordPress users can upload the button to any post (you don’t actually have to insert it anywhere, just upload it), copy its URL and paste it into the code above. Then, in the dashboard, go to Appearance -> Widgets and click on Text widget. Paste the code with the button URL in it into the text widget and select what number you’d like it to be in your sidebar. Then save (and let me know you’re in) and you’re done!

Also, you might want to start working on your inspiration board for the swap (so people know what sort of stuff to send you). I am!

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