Thursday Eye Candy

Thursday, that strange space between the middle of the week and oh cuss its almost the weekend and I still haven’t gotten around to (fill in chore-nemesis here) yet. Well, be not afraid, Thursday Eye Candy will succour your eye drums.

First off, a whimsical mock up of a sewing machine-powered device for Maison Martin Marghiella by Deukhyeon Choi.


Next, a french pattern cutting + stitching robot (this one really exists) at Otabo shoes (100% manufactured in the US of A!). With ‘vision guided’ precision stitching at 2,000 spm – this machine evolved off of military technology and makes beautiful things like these.

And it creates eye candy...

Obviously I would love to have one of these so if you know of a spare lying around…

The Mua lover’s hammock by Victor M. Aleman (flash website). I also like his Las Marias coffee table and Loopita chaise lounge.

Flow, a public lighting system by Alberto Vasquez. Designed as a cheap and environment conscious (made of bamboo and powered by wind) alternative to electricity powered public lighting for the third world.

The triangle factory fire needle-book by Micha Michelle of Baking with Medusa.

This needle-book commemorates the sad (and preventable) loss of life of all the seamstresses trapped in the Triangle Factory fire (over a century ago, back when sweatshops were a fact of life in the first world). This fabulous blog is a must-see (I would’ve told you about it earlier but I only stumbled across it today, so short of building a time machine…). I mean this post alone encapsulates 95% of the drama that occurs in any sewist’s life..

And finally an anti-fast fashion manifesto for the next generation. Drawn, inked, stamped and screen-printed by Pamela Rama for her final year graphic design project.

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