The T-shirt Project

Emily from E made this is hosting the T-shirt Project  where she plans to sew one T-shirt (for clarity’s sake lets define this as a garment made out of jersey or stretch knit) a month by modifying/ tweaking a previously tested T-shirt/ top pattern. I have decided to play along (for now). Modifying basic pre-existing patterns is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now, (as clearly demonstrated by my hundreds of screen caps of high-end knitwear) and the requirement of one make a month (and playing in a group) seems like a good (low pressure) way of following thorough on all those ‘best intentions’. So here’s a summary of inspirations for my potential T-shirt project makes this year. Inspiration garments have been drawn from (but not limited to) Anthropology (A, C, E, M), ModCloth (D, Q, L, I, H), Net a porter (B, F, K, O) and the knitwear sections of various high end designer labels (P. G. J, K). Labelling clockwise from top left to centre.

There are a couple of things with peplums (which I quite like, especially for work wear/ formals) but I’m a little hesitant to use these now that this is a ‘trend’ (ugh..) because there’s nothing like spending the weekend slaving on something with the same style that the kids are buying at Supre for $2).

My aim is to eventually work my way up to deconstructing and replicating some of the more complicated tops (B, C, M, K, Q) but I’ll probably start with the simple stuff that I have similar patterns for (like D, L and J) or can use modify my knit sloper into (I used the knitwear cloning technique to copy a top that fits me really well; still procrastinating on doing a post on it though..). Another factor I have to take into account is that we’re quickly sliding into winter here so I’m better of starting with long sleeved/ layered stuff like the DKNY layered jersey dress (P).

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