Thursday Eye Candy

Thursday, that strange space between the middle of the week and oh cuss its almost the weekend and I still haven’t gotten around to (fill in chore-nemesis here) yet. Well, be not afraid, Thursday Eye Candy will succour your eye drums. Yes, I am aware that it has been too long since the last instalment. I’ve been otherwise occupied and I’m back so lets thrive in the now.

First off is Coches by Romualdo Faura a graphic designer from Spain. I find his minimalist style and use of retro colours very appealing.

Minimalist, modern, naive art by Romualdo Faura

Vroom, vroom

Another artist I admire for his modern, minimalist style and use of retro colours, is Pietari Posti.

I actually own a ‘piece’ of Pietari’s art-it’s this tea towel from Third Drawer Down.

This is not my headless body. Or my kitchen, for that matter.

I’m a student. One day I’ll be able to own art that isn’t prints/ posters but has things like actual paint on canvas (or a close approximation thereof). Till then, my (as yet unframed) tea towel will have to suffice.

Next, some whimsical cubism from Maria Corte Maidagan.

Diari de Tarragona. Looks like Jazz to me.

I particularly like her illustrations for children, especially those referencing sci-fi and Alice in Wonderland topics.

Obviously I had to include this. If only, to draw attention to fact that I now own a mannequin.

On a totally unrelated note, how cool would a bunch of these be on fabric?

I love diatoms. The fact that this may not actually be one is of no interest to me.

Artist Tatiana Plakhova’s work evokes everything from diatoms to subatomic spaces to futuristic cityscapes. I would love to make leggings/ a jersey dress with these (note to self, beg Tatiana to upload her artwork onto Spoonflower so we can at least dress like we own jet-pacs and hover-cars).

Which brings me to Amy Winters’ Opal Lycra fabric, which changes colour depending on the degree of stretch/ twist its fibres undergo.

This model reminds me of the chic from Luther..

Developed in collaboration with the NanoPhotonics Centre at Cavendish labs (at the University of Cambridge) the fabric is the latest in a long line of tech-fabrics featuring in Winters’ work (tip o’the hat to Syuzi* for the heads up on this).

* A year ago I bought Syuzi’s book after coming across the Tron suit she made, in a Google image search for Tron suit tutorials (I was trying to make one to wear to the film premiere but I ran out of time and $).

All images are used under an attribution, no-derivatives (non-commercial) license and remain copyright of their original owners. 

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