Monday Morning Awesomeness

On Friday I found this in my inbox:

I passed!

There are three other options in that list (all likely to elicit self-mutilation) which I have considerately omitted.

And this in my backyard:

Everything in Australia is dressed to kill.

A tad over-dressed for grazing on compost, but pretty much everything in Australia is dressed to kill, so why not?

My excitement knew no bounds. I celebrated by justifying the purchase of stuff* I obviously didn’t need (but have really, really wanted  for a while now). Then Carl took me out for a celebratory dinner.

Also in my inbox was an email from Javie of the dashingmarmot saying she’d received her One Cool Thing, One Strange Thing swap parcel, which reminds me, I had originally decided to send a parcel to three swap participants (my swap partner + two others) but the pile of things I had put aside for the swap was pretty substantial so I’ve sent something to every participant. Which means, barring the unexpected, expect two parcels to find their way to you sometime soon (it also means I’m super-broke but as a student I’m well adapted to deal with that condition).

dashingmarmot has documented her swap parcel here. Jeyco’s swap parcel is here and prtynpnk‘s is here (she’s already sewn something from it – egads woman do you walk around hooked up to a Red Bull+Mountain Dew saline or something?).

I am putting together a post collating everyone’s swap parcels so if you blog about yours do let me know and I’ll add your link to it. It  would also be awesome to let your swap partner know when you receive your parcel so they don’t freak out wondering where it’s gotten to/ why it’s taking so long.

All of these things have made me spectacularly happy so I’m off to sew (and check my mailbox).

* I did not buy that particular version of the book, I bought another for less than half that at Leura Books through their 50% sale. I’ve been watching that book for months and have displayed what I consider an exemplary level of self control during their 15% and 25% off sales but at 50% off and with the justification of my PhD thesis having passed correction with no amendments, I just couldn’t hold off any longer!

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