Nippori, Fabric Town, Japan

Carl was in Japan in February and modified his itinerary by stopping at Nippori aka Fabric Town, Kinokuniya* (an awesome bookstore) and a couple of other bookshops to pick up some sewing stuff for me. I thought it would be nice to document his excursion in photo-essay format as a handy reference for any readers planning future Japan-sewing trips. More information at the bottom of the post.

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63 slides. Count ’em. My favourite is the one with the Juki Knit fabrics store.  One day I’ll be in there. Touching everything (except the shop assistants). 

Massive thanks to Tae of Taeco for supplying information about fabric shopping in Japan, particularly maps for Fabric Town  (need this in a different language? Go here.) online Japanese resources for buying fabrics from Japan and information on Nippori. I salute you Madam!

I met Tae a couple of years ago while browsing on Etsy for out of print Japanese sewing books. Tae sells used/ remaindered/ out of print Japanese books and can source pretty much anything you’re looking for (I bought the entire Bunka pattern drafting series from Tae, and although they were new the total cost with postage from was cheaper than the costs of the books alone on ebay. I also got a copy of Retrospective Stylish by Yoshiko Tsukiori. Don’t hate). So if there’s anything Japanese-book related that you need, I would definitely recommend contacting Tae.

Thanks, also, to Carl for all the effort, not just in going to all these places and taking the photos (and texting some to me at lunch giving me palpitations over the stacks of Japanese craft books at Kino) but for processing them all so beautifully.

Speaking of Japanese sewing books, I’m giving away a copy of Slender Silhouette by  Otani Hiromi here. The giveaway ends 31st of April, 2012 so try your luck if you haven’t already.

* Kinokuniya Shinjuku (Main Store)
 address 3-17-7 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-8636
 tel 81-3-3354-0131
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