April Giveaway Winner: Slender Silhouette by Otami Hiromi

Hear ye, hear ye, the time has come to announce the winner of the April Giveaway!  And the winner is- bup ba ra bup bup ba, Susanna!  Susanna paints and sews and sculpts and does photography (a quintessential modern day Renaissance woman, with mid-century style) and you should all go check out her watercolours and other makes tout de suite!

Step forward fair maker of beautiful things, the power over land and sea is now yours.

Actually… it’s more like, the power to sew up a storm with some awesome Japanese patterns! *Masters of the Universe voice*

Stay tuned for the May giveaway. Details coming up.

First image used under a creative commons attributions license from seriykotik on Flickr. All images remain copyright of their respective owners.

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