Bonus May La Mia Boutique Giveaway

Courtesy dashingmarmot.

So yesterday the mail lady rang the bell and said she had a parcel that needed signing for. It was addressed to me so I squiggled off on her e-signing device and shredded the envelope before she was out of the front gate.

That’s right. That is the good stuff.

The dashingmarmot sent me a parcel for the One Cool Thing One Strange Thing Swap! She wasn’t even my swap partner or anything, she was just really happy with the parcel I sent her so she sent me one! Holy tap-dancing generic deity I am delirious with joy. That Jalie cross over top was on my ebay watch list for almost a year (before I gave up on it as being way to expensive to justify just for a top!). And the zipper front Jalie is perfect for a refashion I plan to do – as you can see in the picture I’ve already ripped into it (and cut up the pattern XD). And the silk! It’s my colour!! And the La Mia Boutique (woman these are precious like hen’s teeth made out of sapphires, what were you thinking? Whatever it was I love it!) I have a copy of. So after a quick chat we’ve decided to co-host a special bonus giveaway for May, the winner gets this La Mia Boutique (May 2011, reviewed here by yours truly). All you have to do to enter is visit the dashingmarmot, comment on her posts and then leave a comment on this post. And that’s it, you’re in! Let the games begin.

Oh, and there was also a letter in there but it’s under my pillow now (oh how I love sewing socially). Also.

Got any 1/*1 updates to share? Let me know and I’ll put them up here.

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