May Giveaway

I wanted to share something really special for May (to celebrate!) so my giveaway item for the month is Couture Sewing Techniques (revised and updated edition, ISBN 9781600853357) by Claire Shaeffer. You can peek inside the book here, and I’ve outlined some of my favourite images below:

Blocked dress attributed to Ungaro. My two favourite colours ever.

Victor Edelstein gown, navy silk and white pique with embroidered flowers.

Ties with the Ungaro dress for my favourite in the book.

Hanae Mori evening gown. I love the abstractness of it.

Something a little more classic for those of you still pining for the good old days (don’t get too excited it’s only from the 1950s).

Not so much my thing (I like my lace put together a certain way) although I can see the allure.

As for the text – what text? You don’t read books like these, you leave them casually tossed across the coffee table so that when your friends oh and ah over the techniques (pictured within) you can lean back and drawl , “Yes I sew.  What? Oh dearie me no! I only sew for myself. It’s the most relaxing hobby, daaarling you must try it.”

Like it? To participate in this giveaway, leave a comment on this post and on any other post(s) in this blog. Giveaway ends on the 31st of May, 2012. Best of luck! Oh- and I’m having a bonus May giveaway here courtesy of dashingmarmot.

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