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First things first, a couple of people have mentioned having issues with self portraiture, camera angles, and other photography-related matters. Now, I know you ladies have different ways of handling this but, wilt not fair maidens your dashing impressive fearless hilarious knight in shining armour can’t-be-bothered-ready-to-wear is here!

I know he looks like a kid (but he sounds like a Gentleman!) but the very first time I heard *mffahaha! snort* Quick! Destroy the evidence before they get back!” I knew he was a keeper. He has a youtube channel, ladies, so sign up and get edumacated.

I thought I’d do a little round up of some of the cool things I’ve come across in the creative blogosphere of late.  There are a couple of cool tutorials like this one from freshlygiven (I love her shorts! Not a euphemism, I mean that literally!) for an instant top from a skirt:

Not your grandma's - anything really!

Not your grandma’s wrap top…

One for a fake plastic bag handbag (made from real leather.. or not)  from the Blind Hem (commercial versions here and here) and an easy jersey necklace (awesome for using up jersey fabric scraps).

There’s also this really pretty smocking tute by Renske, whose blog I discovered only recently.

Smocking! You can do it too!

Renske put away all of her ready to wear clothes and sewed up a hand made wardrobe from scratch. Love it. I’m also loving those shoes but that’s a whole different blog post right there..

Renske in one of her awesome makes..

A lot of people also seem to be travelling at the mo’ and have posted some pretty cool pics. I’m still waiting on the ones of the fabric stores …

I’ve also been surfing a lot of French sewing blogs lately (I’m planning on visiting Paris again and want to get my French up to scratch). I was considering blogging bilingually but that mightn’t be such a good idea productivity-wise (and making-much-sense-wise)..

One of the coolest French sewing related sites I can recommend is Thread&Needles (English content only extends as far as the site name) and sweet universe of truth and justice, their button is already rocking my theme colours!

Go on, click it, you know you want to.

T&N have bucket loads of soft-lit sewing (and knitting) eye candy. It’s like Burdastyle, but with actual content- book reviews (real ones where the authors have actually laid hands on the book and even, *gasp* read it *) interviews, contests and event coverage. The only similarity with Burdastyle? The efforts members go to at putting together and documenting their makes. I mean look at this it actually hurts that I can’t knit.

I also came across a lot of personal blogs, many of which are now in my RSS reader and will be featured here on fairly regular rotation (don’t be sad, use Google Translate! And remember, when Google Translate says tissues, coupons and bosses what it means is fabric, remnants and patterns).

Not a special edition of Patrones, this one’s by Anne from ouipatrons.

It didn’t look half as good in the magazine. I salute you Madame.

I also came across the Burda Addicts page. That’s right, you all know the Japan Couture Addicts blog yea? Well this is like that but for Burda patterns – and I’m their first English speaking member (which is French for, ‘some French non-speaking dude that one of us now has to baby-sit..’ I’m not sure, I’ll get back to you on that when my French gets a little better).

Now I’d better stop procrastinating and get my Thesis bound before they change their minds..

*Not Oh, what? That book we recommended doesn’t have any pattern drafting in it? You need another person to do the draping on you? Oh.. thanks for the tip!

All images have been used with permission and remain copyright of their original owners.

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