MMM Highlights

When I saw Zo’s MMM challenge I assumed it would be a piece of cake because I don’t own very many shop bought things. I was right. The only challenge as such, lay in documenting the entire process – because I lack both the time and the inclination to document outfits daily, and have no wish to subject my already traumatised readers to the inanity of a dress up routine, here’s a bestof – ‘scientific abstract’ style.

Every frickin’ day..

I was really excited when I saw Zo’s first post mentioning MMM. I thought, cool, since I’ve sewn pretty much everything in my wardrobe this’ll be a cool way to meet new people that do the same, discover new blogs and socialize online with like minded people, coolcoolcool. Then I saw, “It is really annoying when these challenges receive the odd comment saying ‘Oh, I already do this so I may as well sign up’, which is clearly missing the point of challenging yourself.” and thought, ok I can challenge myself to wear two handmade things each day (too easy, I have tops, skirts, shorts and wraps/ jumpers/ cardis and can combine them), three things? (nah, still doable because I have things like slips, half slips and satin shorts to wear inside dresses and skirts). All right how about I cycle through everything I have in one day? That’ll be a challenge! XD So that’s what I did on the last day of May (in addition to actually wearing things I’ve sewn myself everyday throughout the month). The highlights are above.

The trousers are handmade by someone other than myself. The jeans are Guess (from 2008!) footless tights are made by me, footed tights/ leggings are Trasparenze/ Fiore 3-D microfibre. The hand embroidered shawl was a gift from mum. I also (me) made (!) an animated gif for the flickr photopool but haven’t actually gotten around to figuring out the vagaries of Flickr pools yet. One thing at a time.

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