Drape-tastic Stripe-splosion

Drapetastic stripesplosion

Drape-tastic stripe-splosion: Not your Grandma’s Breton Tee

What? I can’t hear you. Seriously. You need to speak up I can’t hear you over the

-roar of the crowd.

Chevron at the top, eight-lane freeway post-Transformers-battle entanglement at the bottom.

Fabric: Soft, drapey, cotton Modal jersey.

Other cool makes from this pattern: here, here and here.

Summary: It’s an awesome dress, I love it in this jersey-the stripes match up perfectly (except where the folds intentionally distort them but the distortions pretty much match up on both sides too XD). It would work better in a thicker, more stable knit like Ancien-Nouveau’s version.

Overall though, I feel it’s a massive waste of fabric and pattern paper. I’m glad I did it but I won’t be repeating it. For a similar effect in a quarter of the time and with exponentially less wastage of paper, fabric and backache, I would go with the dolman sleeved kit tunic/ dress from Knipmode October 2010 (modelled for May 5 here). You can go nuts with the slash and spread on that pattern for more of a ‘Drape Drape’ effect if you like.

Pattern: Dress 7 from Drape Drape 2 (I sewed up the arm slits, I’m not a fan of things flapping about).

This chick looks suspiciously like Steve Busceme..*

*There is a Tumblr of chicks with Steve Busceme eyes. In the interests of maintaining some semblance of seriousness, I will not link it here. Feel free to Google it up yourself though.

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