I’d originally intended for this blouse to be my entry for the Summer Spark Sewalong. I already had the pattern graded and traced, and it took less than a day to cut and sew (do not interface the collar if you make this – you will regret it to the tune of whatever amount of continuous angry swearing as you rip everything out post sewing, top stitching and pressing). I didn’t manage to get any photos however, because daylight never materialised. Melbourne spent the next three weeks submerged in a proper Westeros-style winter (the kind where ‘daylight’ feels like 4 AM and getting out of bed is a chore). Also, life intervened. In various ways. The invisible zipper I’d inserted into the mustard wool pants I made to go with this popped right after everything (including the inner waist facing) had been sewn in.  Something cool happened too though.

Carl had to undergo surgery for which they had to put him under (it’s all good, no biggie, he was back to awesome within a day and happily self-medicating with single malt scotch against sound medical advice) and I had to go pick him up from the hospital after (no that’s not the cool thing). I caught the tram halfway there and switched to the 510 bus at Northcote. It was freezing and raining (frozen) quadrupeds and I was standing on the kerb under my umbrella wishing I could feel my extremities/ nose and day dreaming about fried chicken when I heard someone cough behind me.

Assuming I was blocking the footpath I moved and turned to face – a chick that looked just like gingermakes (except cuter-is that even possible? Yes, yes, it is) in an awesome plaid coat with a hood.  I said hi and asked if she’d like to get under my umbrella (it being cold and pelting frozen snot etc) and we chatted for a bit. And she was awesome! Her name was Binks (Binxs? Binkxs?) and she was on mid-wifery placement (guts + glory- hey I’m a plant person for a reason. That reason is blood. Also screaming. And screaming while bleeding, which I assume is a big part of mid-wifery). She was waiting for the same bus. Which was late (love you Melbourne!) and we talked about all kinds of stuff. I told her about my work on asexual fungi (that’s right, they have the genes to do it but they just – don’t!) that live symbiotically in ryegrass and give it super powers (like insect repelling + environmental stress tolerance). And she didn’t fall asleep! She’d taken that bus before so knew where I should be alighting etc. I had awesome fun hanging out with Binks (Binxs? Binkxs?)… But.. I didn’t get her details. Or give her mine. WTF facepalm! OMG she is such a cool chick! She’d totally watch Magic Mike with me. We’d’ fast forward through all the boring talky bits. Then we’d have a landing party to celebrate the descent of the Curiosity Rover.

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Pattern: La Mia Boutique October 2011, blouse 1025

Fabric: 1930s design re-issue by P&B textiles + fine weave Egyptian cotton

Notions: Coconut shell buttons, Gutterman Thread

Modifications: I had very little fabric so I made a short puff sleeve instead of the recommended long version, I also shortened the whole thing to fit me.

Paunnet’s made an un-edited version of this pattern here.

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