Pants of Truth and Justice

The Pants of Truth and Justice, read: Awesomeness (because you asked):  This is a wearable muslin (i.e. I wore them in the lab and no one commented on the ‘maximum security’ style I was rocking –  possibly because they thought I was also rocking a shiv) because I haven’t managed to find proper bottom weight fabric with stretch in it. This fabric is super thin, wrinkles fast and gets progressively looser over time (I’m speaking minutes here). I also used a ballpoint needle instead of a sharp so the seams don’t look that happy (rear view here, at your own risk, obviously).

Also Open House Melbourne will be on through the weekend of the 28th and 29th July, 2012. All kinds of cool buildings will open (usually closed) doors for the public to traipse through (in a guided and organised fashion) and best of all it’s free! I’m volunteering at the National Gallery of Victoria (building 63 on the list) so come say hi if you’re in the city (yes you can have the doggydogdog coasters if you like).

I refashioned an old T-shirt of Carl’s (from Threadless’ ‘let’s make shit in Bangladesh instead of using American Apparel’– phase) into a top for me. It’s a bit breathless due to the total lack of stretch in the fabric (and the fact that it was totally off-grain resulting in a very a limited amount of usable fabric) however, so if you want to see something re-fashioned right check this out.

I also used one of the Jalie patterns dashingmarmot sent me for the +1/*1 swap to refashion the first knit dress I ever made (the original was hideous) into a wearable top. I used the dupion silk from the same set to make something awesome (that I’ve been wanting to make for yonks) so watch this space for more on that.

Patterns used:

Ottobre 02/2010 Scooter pants. I made the top too (don’t do it). Out of viscose (don’t do it). It doesn’t look great (don’t do it-unless you have some really stable knit and an awesome stretch stitch for the neckline).

Lalala 2 by Kurai Muki top B4 (check out the stone cold fox-she’s just got back from a homicide. Or drowning kittens. Or something).

Jalie 2682

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