Pattern Pyramid Parcel (yea!)

I actually ran to the door before the mail-lady knocked- *spider sense tingling* (not really, I heard the front gate click). Well, I knew it was a Pattern Pyramid ParcelTM from Karen (yes it’s a thing now) but I had no idea what was inside.

Turned out it was this:


*Not to scale.

You all know how it goes (this being the fifth one of these things to go live and all): leave a comment specifying which item you’d like and in a week I’ll pick a random winner to receive the entire set, keep the object of their choice, and set up their own giveaway for the rest. This means you need to have a blog to participate (as a side-effect it’ll deter the hoarding evilbay rejects discussed earlier).

In the interests of keeping the chain going for as long as possible while channeling the don’t hoard shit you can pass on philosophy I waxed lyrical on last week, I made up the pattern I liked, and gave it a bit of a paint job. Then I put the pattern back into the pool. So if it’s the pattern you were dying for blam blam – it’s yours if you win (which one is it? Big reveal tomorrow if the sun comes out). 

In order to increase the odds of your sewing up an actual garment from whatever you win I’m displaying all the items so you can Google up reviews etc and get yourself all psyche’d up to sew.  Clockwise:The nameless pattern at upper left is Bestway Pattern C454 which is pretty darned fragile and has no printed markings on it (bust size 34), followed by Burda 7694 (Eu sizes 34-42, instructions on lower left tab; no it’s not reviewed on PR at the mo but you can change that!), Vogue 1046 Anna Sui (sizes 6-12), the Burda magazine browse-through is here; the skirt I made from this issue was traced back when I lived near a library that stocked some Burda issues (i.e. don’t email me asking to borrow it/ buy it/ trace patterns for you out of it).  Next up, vintage Simplicity 3385 ( size 12, bust 32), and Polynesian patterns Wikiwiki (Med bust 34-36),  Unfortunately there is no pattern for deflecting bullets with your wrists, it’s more..a state of mind. I’ve included it here as inspiration.

Re: Getting this stash out to the maximum number of sewists, how about if we trace and/or make what we like and put the pattern back in the pool? This can easily be done in the time it takes to run the giveaway (I received the parcel yesterday afternoon, sewed up my make yesterday and spent today painting it. The giveaway runs for a week so..easy peasy). That way at least a couple of people will have had a chance on each item (the magazine alone has 20+ patterns- I’d rather 20 people get to make one pattern each rather than one person sit on all 20 because they need it in their stash). This would also be in keeping with Karen’s generous gift to the sewing world (booming 1950s sci-fi, sky-announcement-voice) philosophy.

What do you guys think?

All images remain copyright of their respective owners and are used for purposes of discussion/ review. Giveaway ends 26th July, 2012.

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