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Just because I’m not at SDCC doesn’t mean I can't still dress up.

My mum’s started painting again (and by that I mean the artistic kind of painting not the house kind) and looking at all her makes (on Google+!) inspired me to get the old brushes dusted off and slopping. Also, I recently bought a sh*tload of Pebeo from dickblick and the time had come to utilise it.

Pattern: Vogue 1046 American Designer Anna Sui,  from Karen’s Pattern Pyramid

Supplies: Sapphire blue Modal Jersey, Gutterman Thread, Pebeo Opaque and Metallic fabric paints, Artist’s Choice brushes Nos. 1 & 6 (fan) hog hair and Windsor and Newton No. 0 (Cotman) paint brushes.

Pattern Modifications: Numerous!

  • Didn’t bother to read the instructions.
  • Shortened front yoke (now it’s reversible-BettyDraperBiznezBITCH!), shortened front and back ‘skirt’ at waist and at hips.
  • Substituted central box pleats and lateral knife pleats for the gathers below the yoke.
  • Used knit fabric instead of woven
  • Cut the front yoke on the straight (not on the cross-it’ll stretch!) fold instead of on the bias.
  • Cut the back yolk on the (straight) fold also.
  • Used 0.5 cm wide transparent lingerie elastic to shore up the shoulder seams (this is a must – I consider it a pre-requisite for all knit wear but especially so for a garment like this where the shoulder seams support 3x the usual amount of fabric weight). Omit this step if you like the off-shoulder look enough to risk accidental wardrobe malfunction.

Instigator: Karen ~Thank you pretty lady, I doff my (bobble) hat at thee.

Dedicated to all the ladies out there that appreciate a bit of volume *sultry late night Radio Jockey voice*

Like it? Pattern pyramid giveaway here (ends July 26, 2012).

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