Winning Everything – the Olympic edition

Once every four years I miss owning a TV.

0-2 seconds GoddamBBC why the sticker bar whywhywhwhywhy @#%!!!!!!

3-6 seconds Googling Tom Daly shower minus bar.

7-10 seconds Wait, what? Oh well.

11-20 seconds laughing at the comments on this page. Top rated comment “I became gay for like 3 seconds. Alright, 4”. Second best comment: “My ovaries just exploded”.

Calm down ladies he’s 18 (and he’s already published a memoir).

Daley’s cute but Australia’s Magnificent Magnussen has him beat.

Hands down. Despite missing the record by 0.01 seconds.

Also (not that anyone’s even paying attention anymore) Dita von Tesse discussed her vintage collections. And said burlesque is just striptease, y’all. Done ye olde style. This is only entertaining to me in that it has high potential to giving self confessed indie chicks the crazy-irrits. It is nowhere near as entertaining as this though.

Also also: Cathe won the Patrones Giveaway and Carolyn won the Pattern Pyramid Giveaway. Send me your details ladies so I can send you your goodies. I will try to drag my eyeballs away from tasty, tasty Olympic goodness and set up this month’s giveaway sometime this week.

PS: Why is it that all the gay websites have the best hot Olympian shots? What are all the women’s sites wasting their internet real estate on? Seriously, Jezebel focus on the important topics now already! Hang on-here’s a lads of the Oz swim team article on Ms Naughty’s blog (which is not safe for work, not because of the lads but because she also covers pr0n for ladies).

Oh and before I forget: the Prada fall collection is heavily Steam Punk afflicted. Make of that what you will.

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