Robot Science

Back in high school my best friend and I used to build model robots. We’d save up (what we could post-comic-binging) and go to the nerd store and buy mini-Gundam models to assemble. That shop was an absolute cornucopia of awesomeness – my most vivid memory of it consists of a massive framed painting of a giant dragon relaxing on its stash-which was apt because the painting was surrounded by Robot model building kits (best stash ever). We never bought the life size bots (about the size of an adult’s arm) because they were too expensive and because the mini-robots were perfect for our attention spans and limited hanging-out time. They also made for the most perfect book shelf display. 

I have no idea where those robots are now. Some of them are probably at my mum’s (or parts of them are anyway). I’ve been having flashbacks of a perfectly ordered row of mini-robots on a display shelf ever since I picked up these two wool remnants in the odds and ends bin a couple of months ago. The two white panels on the front are Gundam-inspired. They flare in the shape of an ‘A’ when I’m walking around (which leads me to believe the “Anarchist jacket wooo” shout I heard in the Ag at Uni was directed at me (it was a nice shout not a shout-y shout). I’ve been wearing this jacket all week and and had heaps of positive comments on it.

Before I forget, I’ve entered the Sail Pants (zoomed image here) as a contender in the current yourstylerocks contest and would really appreciate your vote. YSR  have a monthly garment design contest, winners of which get their pattern professionally drafted (in Germany!) and published as free, multi-sized, downloadable pdfs. Registration is required (both for voting and downloading previous wins) but you only have to do it once and those three molecules of spent ATP are a small price to pay for awesome free, multi-sized patterns. VOTE HERE please.

Pattern: Patrones 308, short jacket #12.

Like every good robot shell, this pattern incorporates an arsenal of awesome features i.e. modified princess seams, epaulet sleeves and Dior darts (thank you perfect combination of knowledgeable sewists and Google Reader).

Fabric: White wool blend, red melton wool (both remnants which together cost me A$18). Lined in polka-dotted cat print Japanese linen (which Carl picked up for me when he was in Japan 2 years ago).

Modifications: I omitted the pockets because they were too high and too small to be useful.

I pressed the Dior darts up instead of down (thanks Sherry).

I should’ve moved the darts points but I didn’t because I assumed a short jacket drafted for normal height would be perfect for me. 

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