Melbourne Sewists Meetup-Yea Baby!

And a pattern sale at the Decades of Style Pattern Company. The sale is limited to their three new patterns (which I can’t picturize here because their images aren’t right-clickable and I lack the time and initiative to build screen shots into a composite right now).

Having just bought an old issue of the October 2011 Burda Style with a pattern very similar to the 5007 pattern I liked, I won’t be indulging this time. I do, however, own their 1930s Capelet pattern, which I should probably do something with before winter expires completely..

I met a Melbourne Sewist in real life last night! That was pretty cool. So I’m guessing the Melbourne Sewist’s Meetup today is going to be mind-blowing in the manner of all spectacular things (Fourth daughter from Style Wilderness will be there! And Seamstress Poppykettle! And moi, with a propah camera, a tripod and a remote timer (because the whole walking around taking photos thing only works when you actually know your way around a camera). 

Details for the Melbourne Sewist’s Meetup (organised by Rachel, thank you pretty lady!):

13:30 – Tessuti Fabrics, Flinders Lane Melbourne CBD (I might make a downpayment on a button, or look at a zipper, or something).

15:00Time Out Cafe, Federation Square (booked by Rachel). 

So… you Gentlemen sew? Na, the Cricket was cancelled and we saw the scones and went “Jolly Good, what what?!”

Check out the look of utter disdain on the face of the chick at extreme left. Get you filthy paws off me you ****! The guy, on the other hand is totally blissed-out in his utter cluelessness.

Ah, ye olde times.. I celebrate your passing daily.

All welcome (except for random waist squeezers and scone stealers). 

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