Melbourne Sewist’s Meetup

When our powers combine the world gets Instagram’d.

The atmosphere is a side effect of the lighting at Tessuti’s, where we met. I had a hard time eliminating it without flash lighting (which I really didn’t want to use in there). I didn’t buy anything but I did find great joy in reaching out towards things on the remnant table and touching them just as someone else was about to grab them. Ah cheap thrills, I wouldn’t have survived my student life without you.

Also, Kirsty brought me a cross-country ham (the room temperature storage kind – for ironing) from Tasmania! I had no idea what it was and couldn’t open it till I got home (camera bag=no room) for fear of dropping it on the tram floor (which I eventually did on my way off, but it’s alright the wrapping saved it from.. uh.. the fearsome nature of the Melbourne public transport system). Thanks Kirsty!

Hellooo Irish dude! 

The pictures from the cafe turned out better; I had a hard time getting the ladies’ attention until a charming Irish gent offered to take pictures of the group. He said some stuff which no one understood (but everyone later agreed was charming) possibly due to his accent and also because they were too busy mentally undressing the poor guy. 

I mean look at these ladies (at this stage the whole room was coming onto the guy, including the granny group at back right-Irish? Where?) the guy was loving it – he is so going to recommend Melbourne to all his Irish friends. Totally worth it for the the high percentage of friendly, uniquely attired, attractive smiling ladies.

One person recovers in time to get a picture of the guy. Everyone else is still in, ‘awww.. Irish dimples‘ mode.

Thank you Rachel for organising this meetup and everyone else that showed up for being such awesome company on the day. It was a pleasure meeting you all (in real life, yo!). Thanks, also to Carl for processing the Tessuti photos for hue correction (his immediate response on seeing them was “Hahahaha you took them all in Instagram“). Full list of attendees here.

I’ve uploaded all of the photos I took on the day into a Flickr set (where they have been ‘uploading‘ for the better part of three hours now, so try again this evening if you don’t see them straight away). Please feel free to download them and crop, resize, behead (yourself ), tag, label etc. for use on your personal blog. Please include a link to this post as the source for any images you use. 

That phone.. Ms Knipmode there is pissing herself with how awesome it is.

Patterns and fabric used:

Dress – Vogue 1793 Marc Jacobs dress (B) in quilting fabric, fully lined in grey Bemberg remnant. Pockets made out of Javanese batik harvested from an old Motel skirt.

Draped Cardigan – Knipmode August 2011, Vest-18 in acrylic knit. Previously shown here (May 17thand May 22nd entries, respectively).

Modifications made: Shortened the dress, made sway back adjustments on both dress and cardigan and didn’t include the waist tie on the cardigan.

All non-self-generated images remain copyright of their original owners and are used here for the purposes of discussion (and or satire).

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