Patterns and Postcards ~ A Swap

 A smattering of Vintage Patterns – Part I of III (IV? Who knows?) 

Because it’s time, time, time, time *slowly fading echo*.

I’ve been building up a pile of patterns, pattern magazines, pattern books and sewing miscellany, both vintage and contemporary, that I’m probably never going to get around to sewing from and would love to see getting used. So I’ve decided it’s time for a swap. This one’s a little different because everybody gets to pick what they want (so it’s not an awesome, read, horrendous surprise) and there’s postcards!

I originally meant to do a round up of all the +1/*1 swap posts (of parcels received and makes made) before starting off on this swap but I just haven’t had the time to do a summary. This is good because if you’ve been thinking of sewing up something from your +1/*1 parcel post it soon so I can link it!

So this is how it works, gather together all the patterns, books, magazines etc that you’d like to swap and scan or photograph them. This part is really important: get the best images you can so that people get shocked and awed and really, really covetous. Then post the images either on your blog or on Thinglink or your Flickr page (or anywhere else online with good image hosting/ viewing capacity). Drop me a line and I’ll link your post on this blog so that anyone else that’s interested in playing along can find you (and the awesome stuff you want to move).

Once you’ve decided what you want and what you’re ready to swap for it, contact the person you want to swap with and let them know what you’d like to swap for/ with. Then put everything together and add an awesome (funny, weird, crazy) postcard to the parcel and hit send  make the pilgrimage to the post office and be forced to interact with other human beings in real life.

Go on, click it. You know you want to.

I mean to link this image to a more detailed, clickable, one on Thinkglink with links to the backs of all the envelopes and to cool makes from them but the Melbourne Sewist’s Meetup overloaded my Flickr account so envelope backs will  take a couple of days. I’ve got a couple of things linked up though so click the image or here to have a look see. I’ll cross off the things that get picked up and may add more things if they get re-classified to the swap pile.

Things I’m interested in swapping for : Vogue Designer patterns, older Knipmode Magazines (May 2006, August 2007, October 2007, February 2008 and August 2010), older Burda, Patrones and La Mia Boutique magazines. That’s all I can think of at the moment. Oh and there’s a button for you if you’d like to play. Please download it and resize it as required. And let me know when you post the things you’d like to swap.

Coming up next: Contemporary envelope patterns and pattern magazines.

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