Patterns and Postcards Swap – How it works

List it: You have till the end of September 2012 to scan/ photograph everything you’d like to swap (might be a good idea to break it up into separate posts as all that scanning can get tedious after a while) and post it on your blog (if you have one) or as a Flickr/ Picassa set or Thinglink image.

Make it accessible: If you’re on Flick/ ThinkLink/ Picassa or any other image hosting site, check that you’ve set viewing access to be public so that everyone can see your swapfest goodies.

Claim it: A lot of people have expressed concerns about dibsies, so as of today there is is no official deadline for dibsies, if you like something, leave a comment/ send a message/ tweet/ email stating what you like with a link to the post/ picture set of stuff you’ve listed for swap so your swapee can choose something for themselves (and decide whether they want to swap).

Tag it: If something from your list has been spoken for, edit your post/ listing to mark it as taken (or delete it from the listing) so that you don’t get multiple dibs on the same item.

Mail it: It would be great to have things decided on and mailed by the end of October so recipients receive them early to mid November (which leaves everyone free for focusing solely on holiday/ family/ shopping stresses without having to worry about swaps etc).

Keep it social: Send your swap partner a quick email or blog comment as soon as you receive your parcel. Not only is this the polite (read, humane) thing to do, it’s great for senders to know that the goodies have arrived safely and aren’t languishing unclaimed in a customs hold up somewhere. And now on to the good stuff.

List of participants



          Patterns and Postcards Swapables


Tatulinka’s Tales (Part I, Vintage sewing magazines)

Nothy Lane

Aft Agley Vintage and Contemporary Envelope Patterns 


Weft  Vintage and Contemporary Envelope Patterns for Adults and Young’uns.


Part I   ~ A smattering of vintage patterns

Part II  ~ Contemporary pattern magazines

Part III ~ TBA


Part I   ~  Contemporary and vintage patterns

Part II  ~ More contemporary and vintage patterns

Part III ~ TBA






Also, last chance to vote for my Sail Pants pattern entry at the yourstylerocks pants contest. The Sail pants are currently neck and neck (a massive thank you to everyone that has already voted!) with a pair of pedal pushers.  While I have nothing against pedal pushers (I wore them daily back when I was four and actually still have a pair kicking around somewhere)- I just feel there are enough commercial patterns out there for that style and would prefer to have a free pants pattern for something a little different. So if you want a German drafted, multi-sized, free pattern for the Sail pants please vote now! Get your mum and dad and grandma to vote (it is multi-sized)!

Coming up: Patterns Magazines and Books for Swap

The Party Dress by Amy Adams

Let the swapfest commence!

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