Patterns and Postcards Swap Update

The Patterns and Postcards Swap is going live across the sewing blogosphere, here’s an updated list of participants (go check ’em out and start putting dibsies on things!):



Patterns and Postcards Swapables


Part I   ~  Contemporary and vintage patterns

Part II  ~ More contemporary and vintage patterns

Part III ~ Even more contemporary and vintage patterns

Part IV ~ And the rest


Tatulinka’s Tales (Part I, Vintage sewing magazines)




Part I   ~ A smattering of vintage patterns

Part II  ~ Contemporary pattern magazines

Part III ~ TBA

Nothy Lane

Aft Agley  Vintage and Contemporary Envelope Patterns


A nice mix of vintage and contemporary patterns

Also, the first Patterns and Postcards swappage has occurred- issue 221 of Patrones from my swap set is gone, gone, gone (to dashingmarmot for a Patrones 310, which I’m more likely to sew something from. Now to choose a postcard to go with it..). I’ve made a separate page for all Patterns and Postcards related stuff so head on over there for the whole sh’bang.

And in non-P&P news, another awesome make from one of the patterns I sent out- Lisa of Small Things made the Drape Drape dress from the pattern I sent her. Lisa liked my stripalicious version and since I wasn’t planning on making another I sent her the pattern along with her Pattern Magic 3 Giveaway winnings. This is the second perfectnose-facilitated make (since Oona made up her flowery dress from the chiffon I sent as part of the One Cool Thing, One Strange Thing Swap I organised earlier this year-yes, I know I am putting together a list of +1/*1 makes so if you’ve posted any new makes let me know and I’ll add them in).

Excitement all around, so what’re you waiting for? Jump on it!

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