Sewing in the Media

Goldhawk Road Edition

I love that the station signage is just a refurbished version of the No Smoking sign.

Set Scene:

Semi-smouldering, conflicted (he’s avoiding his mum-daaaaamn man, that’s harsh!) male detective inconspicuously shadows a potential suspect onto the train.

The guy he’s stalking is suspected of being a serial killer of the ladies (real killing not seduction, apparently since the age of 8).

Cue the copper’s obvious distraction by a semi-attractive co-passenger (don’t get your hopes up man, it’s not going to happen-she paid for her ride and you jumped the stile-the kids’d be cute but so conflicted). 

Aaand he looses sight of the suspect.

Who alights at the Goldhawk road train station and makes a beeline for the exit.

So far so consistent with the media perception of British law enforcement.

But wait, it gets better, while the detective is busy tearing across the city after the suspect (whom he eventually catches up with and forces a confession out of interrogates, the real killer is out chatting up his next kill (spoiler-it’s the side kick from ‘Dirk Gently Private Eye‘ – who’d’ve thunk?). 

So next time you’re up Goldhawk Road-way keep your eyes peeled for dodgy behaviour and bad acting. Also, stay away from gigantic tailor’s shears and unmarked patterns of doom. 

I briefly wondered if the woman on the train was a sewist- I mean it is the middle of the day and she’s on the train headed to Goldhawk Road instead of at work or whatever – and then I realised this series isn’t self-aware enough for something like that.

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