Handmade Jeans, F*ck Yea!

These aren’t dangerously low i.e. not the kind where you need to get a Brazilian (wax, not supermodel) just to put them on, but they do tend to back-slide during impromptu squats. Although the latter may be an unintended side effect of my having measured myself and traced the pattern during a high water-retention period. Next time, I’ll remember to cut a size down (and adjust the white-balance before taking photos – my walls are not pink. And neither am I).

I made these out of an old pair of jeans Carl was throwing out (super worn in, they feel awesomely soft). I cut and unpicked the inner and outer leg seams (respectively) and cut off the waistband and unpicked the pockets, both of which I reused. I used an old (4 years old and they’re only just starting to disintegrate) pair of RTW Guess jeans (made in Turkey, what what) to figure out the order and direction for seam stitching and top-stitching. All seams are turned in on the inside and top-stitched on the outside. Rivets from the original waistband, hammer-on jean buttons from these guys here (if you’re going for these, pick up the insertion tool as well). The button quality is nice (although if you f*ck up the hammer-in insertion, just get a heavy wire cutter and cut through the button – speaking from personal experience here, haha).

Jeans Pattern: Knipmode February 2006, Jeans pattern 12.

Check out these wholesome mammals. The guy looks like he’s escaped from an abstinence advert (from the early 20th century)*.

 Resisting the hawt chicks since 1921 thanks to Abstinence (individual results may vary, consult your doctor if side-effects occur).

 Abstinence™? Oh.. ok , I just assumed you were gay.

I am. I’m only abstinent™ with respect to the ladies. So much respect…

Fabric: Non-stretch denim harvested from an old pair of men’s jeans, ‘semi-dyed’ by salt-washing it with brand new denim fabric.

Modifications: I topstitched 3 bar-tacks over two rips in the back (where I cut the belt carriers off the original jeans-I unpicked the others after realising they were topstitched on and not flat-locked).

I added three small darts to the outside of the waistband after sewing it in, to prevent gaping/ inadvertent slot exposure. I then sewed the darts down and concealed them by sewing belt carriers over the top of them. And now I feel like a genius. A genius with a well-concealed slot.

Top Pattern: Patrones Joven 285, Bluson 1 (prepared earlier).

Fabric: DKNY knit.

Modifications: Dart placement rotation and addition of a waistband.

*An excellent movie. I laughed, I cried, my faith in humanity was restored. Then crushed. Then re-restored. With moral fibre.

Disclaimer: All non-self-generated images are used for the purposes of illustration/ discussion/ humour and remain property of their original owners.

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