Trench Coat Inspiration

Velosewer’s running a Trench Coat Sew-along!

Excited as I am about this, I’ve been so bogged down in Uni marking (and will be for the forseeable future) that I’m still in the planning stages. Meanwhile, the incredible Velo has already knocked out two iterations.

Knipmode February 2010, trench coat patterns 8a/b and 7a/b

I really like the Knipmode pattern on the right (with set-in sleeves) -the fact that my size is included in the size range elevates it considerably above the others as there won’t be any grading required. The skirt is totally unrelated to trench coat sew-alongs but I’ve wanted to sew it for a while now..

Patrones Extra 284 trench coat patterns 32 and 29

I’m basically deciding between the classic trench (set-in sleeves, weather flaps, epaulettes and wrist straps) and something more minimalist/ contemporary. The two Patrones trenches above have been top of the list for a while now; I already have the perfect fabrics for both and the A-line silhouettes really appeal to me.

Pragmatism, however, dictates that I should stick to something easy with the minimal number of pattern pieces and no extras because I lack the time to grade all those little bits and pieces down to my size.

Which means theset wo Burda options are out (Burda 09/2020, trench coat 113 and Burda 11/2008 trench coat 134).

As are these two Patrones versions (Patrones 284, trench coat patterns 27 and 28).

I do, however,  plan to make the one on the right as an alt-sweatshirt in heavy knit fabric (similar to this Burberry’s version) at some point.

Which means, as of now, it’s a toss-up between the short trench-jacket on the left and the draped version in the second image (#29) both of which will require grading.

Salad-hair lady’s trench coat has some nice lines..(Patrones Extra 264, trench coat patterns 10 and 6)

This may take a while..

Anyone else out there jumping on the Trench sewing train? What’re your picks like?

Disclaimer: All images remain copyright of their original owners and are used here for purposes of illustration and discussion.

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