Friday Freebie: Vintage Apron Patterns

It was Karen’s Apron sewalong that put me in mind of (yes that’s a real phrase!) aprons and things. I narrowed my choices down to these two patterns on Etsy but could only afford the one (international postage gah!) so I went with the one on the left, McCalls 8818.

Which arrived with bits and pieces missing/ cut off. Which precipitated a message to the etsy seller, which, in turn, resulted in a refund. By which time the pattern on the right, Simplicity 1675 had sold. At which point I gave up on patterns entirely and turned good ole’ Enid Gilchrist.

The creepy doll in the centre… Words fail me.. XD

Ah Enid, too long have I yearned for your delicious (and nutritious) designs from afar (with good reason: Enid’s a non-Metric entity and as a Scientist I have to admit that’s way too far up the wrong side of the tracks for me). Still, I picked up Pinnies ‘n’ Things (off evilbay-for less than the price of the original blighted apron pattern) and am joyfully strewing the bounty behind me like shiny, glitter encrusted LSD tablets- of immortality.
Ladies and gents, I give you the piece de resistance of the PnT collection:

I’m making the one on the left. If I run out of fabric I may have to settle for the one on the right but for the time being, left it is. I mean that’s worth wearing as a house dress all by itself (except it won’t stay on for long hahaha).

Also this:

Which is totally French-maid-alicious.

And this which is real maid-alicious.

Coo-e you can dry the dishes and the baby’s hair! At the same time (and then use the charged up baby to zap the dog and power a table lamp for a couple of seconds from the resulting static).

And there’s this, of which no further shall be said (alright Tinkerbell-but that’s all).

The book also covers variations on the standard 50s hostess apron,

and extras for the kids because nothing’s free in life and they sooner they learn that the better (also coal dust stains are a pain to launder out).

No those aren’t cake mixing tools, she’s just finished a re-enactment of the Cask of Amontillado

And because Enid is a propah lady: Finishing.

Are you joining the apron sewalong? What patterns will you be using? If you’re still looking for inspiration, Jilian’s posted some really cool vintage aprons and vintage apron patterns here. Oh and just in case you were wondering, that apron on the right Simplicity 1675, is just a basic wrap dress with ginormous pockets-totally doable…

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