Bloopers: A sewing gag-reel

Carl’s going to a conference in San Francisco (followed by skiing near Lake Tahoe) next week. Any recommendations for nice (clean, safe) places to stay (especially for the latter) would be massively appreciated.

And now back to your normal webcast.

Someone expressed incredulity earlier about the number of ‘acceptable’ makes I’ve posted on this blog. While I do occasionally f*ck things up with sewing, it happens very rarely nowadays because I’ve been sewing for a couple of years now and and all that practice has improved my skill levels and eliminated stupid mistakes©. It also helps that I’ve standardised personal fitting modifications and am pretty aware of the type of silhouettes that work for me.

Most of the sewing f*ckups I’ve had in the past were caused by incorrect fit/excess ease – I’ve eliminated those completely by not sewing from Big Four patterns (ahahaha) and standardising personal fitting modifications for all the basic blocks from the brands I do sew from (Patrones, La Mia Boutique, Knipmode and Burda).

That being said, I have had a couple of less than perfect makes this year (which I haven’t bothered documenting thus far because I’d rather use the limited time I have for photography and image editing to focus on items I’m actually going to wear). I may keep these however, so here goes:

Pattern: Bali Bindi Top

Fabric: Screen-printed synthetic sweater knit, raw silk woven for sleeve bindings.

Modifications: Shortened it at the waist.

What went wrong: Too short (the hem stops at a point that would give Mrs. Bishop serial conniptions), not a good silhouette for me.

All of the above are probably exacerbated by the choice of fabric which is just.. Aunty-tastic.. Oh for 20-20 foresight…

Pattern: Twiggy dress

Fabric: Screen-printed synthetic sweater knit, crushed wool knit for the contrast yoke.

Modifications: Shortened it at the waist, didn’t make the button placket at the back (I like leaning on things without being simultaneously stabbed in the back by button shanks).

What went wrong: Loose at the neckline (thanks to the unholy combination of crushed wool knit and straight stitching).

Too loose at the side and back waist (unfortunately emphasised by the fabric used).

I’d like to stress that neither of these makes are bad, they’re just not up to the standard I would consider as good. The Twiggy dress seems to me a well drafted pattern – it was fairly easy to modify and went together quite easily. I’m just not satisfied with the fit (especially in this fabric). If I loved this dress I’d put in the extra hours to get the waist to fit better but at this point I don’t want to invest any more effort into this make.  The Bali Bindi top I would need to sew up in a different fabric to be sure but I’ve got too much else on at the moment.

 Both of these patterns are up for swap, also the Knipmode Giveaway ends tomorrow so jump on that if you haven’t already.

I have Style Arc’s Julia jacket and Heather dress patterns both of which I’d love to make but both of  which have numerous pattern pieces which I’m a little hesitant to deal with after these two makes.

I’ll just focus on the Trench coat and Apron sewalongs for now.

Jeans: (Knipmode February, 2007) made earlier,

Tights: Gabriella microfibre (totally not recommended due to the weird transparency issues and low stretch/ recovery).

 All images remain copyright of their original owners and are used here for purposes of review and discussion.

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