C: Why’re you making aprons all of a sudden? You never use aprons.

Its a sewalong – playing with others-type stuff in the blogosphere.

C: Seems to me panties would be a more useful enterprise re: playing with others.

I agree, but it’s not my sewalong.

C: Panties will bring lots of new readers to your blog.

Not the kind of readers I want thanks. Besides someone’s already running a knickers sewalong.

C: Are they hot?

Can’t say. They’re not modeling the knickers.

C: Oh. *goes back to gaming*

While I was drafting up Enid’s Apron of Delight, I was also working on plan B, vintage Simplicity 5465. I’d first noticed this pattern back in 2009 but never come across a version in my size. A couple of weeks ago I did, so I jumped on it. It arrived sans one of the pattern pieces, I mentioned it to the seller and got on with it (is anyone else feeling like etsy has morphed into the old, dodgy, ebay albeit without the benefit of searchable negative feedback?). This pattern can be worn as intended (smock-tastic!) or as a jumper, tunic or regular dress (I doubt I’ll be making it again though). Which brings me to: the pièce de résistance, Enid’s Apron of Delight.

I drafted up the pattern as described, marked out the included seam allowances and then traced a 1 cm seam allowance over all the pattern edges and cut that out (basically, I drafted Enid’s pattern in Imperial then converted it to Metric because sewing in Imperial is a b*tch without the requisite seam markers/ allowance gauges on your sewing machine).

With a few modifications this would make an awesome summer dress. In fact, it’s perfect to put on for answering the door if you’re caught under-dressed at a moment’s notice.

Awesome, the central fold hasn’t ironed out..

Apron Pattern: Drafted from instructions found in Enid Gilchrist’s Pinnies n’ Things.

Fabric: Secret Garden (Michael Miller Fabrics), Little Things by Sarah Fielke (Lecien) for backing the apron ties.

Modifications: Shortened the skirt by 5 cm and the waist by 1 cm. Shortened neckline seam by 3 cm. This fabric is much lighter and better quality than the Andover one so I didn’t bother lining it.

All edges were turned in or sewed with a narrow hem foot (including the neckline). Facings  were omitted entirely.

Smock Pattern: Vintage Simplicity 5465 (Junior/ teens and misses mini-dress/ smock).

Fabric: Partridge in a Pear Tree by Kim Schaefer (Andover Fabrics Inc.) + mustard polywool (i.e. polyester manufactured on a planet in the vicinity of a solar system with sheep in it.. somewhere..).

Modifications: Relocated the bust darts.

Relocated the pin-tucks (below darts) to suit.

Eliminated the centre back seam (do not wish to lean into button/ button shanks one lumbar puncture is enough to last a lifetime, thanks) and added an inverted pleat instead.

Ruffled the the ‘wings’ very tightly to approximately half their normal length and made them detachable by sewing in snap fastners.

Added sew-in snap fasteners under the shoulder seam and upper arm hole to accommodate the detachable ‘wings’.

Sewed it up fully-lined instead of using facings (quilting fabric is pretty snaggy and has bugger-all drape so a nice smooth lining is essential to avoiding the panty-magnet snag-tastic look).

Used a narrow hem foot for the hem portion.

Big ups to Karen for organising the Apronalong! Thanks to her, I can now answer the door in style.

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