November Giveaway Knipmode Winter Special

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If you liked my previous winter Knipmode makes you might want to have a go at this giveaway; it’s all coats and jackets and woollens. Like my verdant jacket, these patterns are made for boiled wool/ felt but since you’ll be adding your own seam and hem allowances anyway, you can sew ’em up like normal (in regular melton or stable sweater knit).

Some awesomely helpful person (not me, I do all my helping in pencil) has written October 2008 on the cover in blue pen. Just to be helpful. And irritating. At the same time (mostly the latter though).

The coats are my favourites but there are some cute jackets, vests and cardigans as well. There’s also a fitted skirt, an A-line skirt, a draped skirt and a whole bunch of accessories. I really like the scarf. It looks like the kind of thing fibre artists sell on Etsy for $80 + shipping (draped artfully over a piece of barn wood on the front page).

I also love the whacky grey hat. Lots of cool makes here for using up scraps and remnants. Probably good for making little bits and pieces for market stalls, fetes and diy sales. I wouldn’t know, I’ve never done one of those.

Patterns are unused, instructions are in Dutch (Google Reader is your friend. A friend that is waaay better at Dutch than it is at either French or German) The rules of entry are here. Giveaway ends 30th November, 2012.

Have at it.

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