October Giveaway Winner

The winner of October’s Giveaway (Knipmode’s special winter supplement) is Sewing Sveta. Send me your address details so I can send you your magazine!This is a public domain book. Click on it. Go ahead, you know you want to.

On an aside, anyone else think that men from ye olde illustrations look like bumble heads*? I’m not just talking illustrations from the 1920s here, I mean stuff from way back like Medieval times right upto the 1940s and 1950s (essentially everything right upto the point when comic books came along with their strapping, drawer-chinned undie-model-heroes..). I wonder if its because most illustrators back in the day were men and it was just self-serving (perhaps unconsciously so) to depict other men in the most unattractive way possible? I mean look at mouth-breather (centre front) checkin’ out babe on the staircase. Anyone else have a hard time believing his wife isn’t thinking of other ways he can wear that dunce cap? Don’t even wanna know what’s going on with the levitating enlarged torso mutant at the back..

* Women’s magazines and leaflets are a slight exception to this rule-possibly for all the obvious reasons (also some children’s stories and the like)…

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