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Recaptchas suck balls. And not in a good way.

I mean,


what the f*ck


is this?


And this:


Or this:


I cannot deal with it (and I shouldn’t have to. Disqus exists. Commentluv exists. Intense Debate exists. And they are all free.).

I do not have the strength. Human beings have a limited supply of willpower for daily use. I lack the reserves to spend on this.

My vocabulary of intercontinental blue words isn’t expansive enough.

My shattered nerves are begging for mercy.

Please, install disqus (or comment-luv or whatever commenting system you prefer).

Or setup monitored comment approval.

But, I beg you, stop subjecting me to recaptcha-hideousness. If I can’t leave a comment-it’s not a conversation. If it takes me 3 page loads and 6 minutes to comment on one blog post then that blog is not meant for my Reader. This is the hard truth people. I can’t take the pain no more (yes, it is vocabulary destroying in its soul-sucking-ness).

Here’s a cool blog with disqus installed. Here’s another cool one with comment luv. And another. And one with painless click to publish commenting. See? It’s all doable. And it means I can talk to these people without losing my mind.

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