December Cut-up Couture Giveaway Winner

The winner of the December Cut Up Couture Giveaway is Pella of Pattern Pandemonium (awesome blog with heaps of pattern drafting, modification and sundry drafting-magic, check it out).

Please send me your address details so I can send you your win!

Christmas 2012 by Philipa Rice

There will be no round up of mind-blowing/ tear-inducing makes from 2012 because this is a blog with a handy scroll bar that interested parties can utilise by combining a few molecules of ATP with some mousing-hand action* (thus eliminating the need for me to summarise anything). Also there’s a search field up top (right).

You’re welcome.

Here’s cool refreshing glass of vintage Dr. McNinja for your viewing pleasure.

Doctor McNinja

*Not that kind of action. Although if needs must..

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