Ticking all the Good boxes

Just wanted to say thank you to all the fine ladies that have been so kind and generous (as humans in the sewing blogosphere seem wont to do).

Thank you, Lynne of American Age Fashion (history of fashion- with pics-go check it out) for gifting this awesome Mary Brookes Picken vintage gem (1939) to the scanning queue.

The Language of Fashion

Thank you Pella of Pattern Pandemonium for this weighty tome (it’s on really nice paper and has every size included) of a pattern that I’ve wanted for as long as it’s been out (Pella also included a detailed set of typed instructions!).

Hot Patterns + Mid-century gent

Olivia Wilde ignoring the heck out of mid-century smoker-gent while Lindsay Lohan 90s Brooke Shields and one of the Olsens snicker.

Patterns from Angela

Thanks also to Angela of Bonne Chance for the above heaping of goodies. I suggested a Burda 20s wedding dress style to Angela and she responded with all that! The Butterick pattern is my favourite and will be great for practicing grading on. I’d like to state at this point that I have never seen/ touched either Hot Patterns or Collette patterns in real life before so this is a pretty big deal.

Last but not least (this list is organised by date with the most recent acquisitions up top, so this last proclamation comes with interest) big thanks to Kat from Modern Vintage Cupcakes who sent me these fabrics as part of Vicki Kate’s Christmas Swap (here’s what I sent Kat) – big ups to Vicki Kate for organising.

Knit fabrics

There was a postcard which has since become a bookmark and is busy performing that new role somewhere in the house.

The yellow knit has already been cut out (from another gifted pattern no less) and pinned together and is awaiting sewing (the other two are  awaiting winter). A couple of months ago, Kat also sent me the two patterns below and a length of fabric for organising the One Cool thing One Strange thing Swap.

Knit patterns from KatThe one on the left has been cut out and pinned (but not sewn, yet) while the fabric was turned into a garment (last week) and is still awaiting  blog documentation.

Thank you ladies for your generosity and kindness – one of the things I’m focusing on this year is to make sure I sew up gifted and swapped things in good time. I’ve already traced and cut a couple of things from last year so they’ll be up here soon. Coolcoolcool.

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